Product Manager

Aeronaut is a visually stunning memory puzzle game where users try to recreate hot air balloons scenes to improve memory retention and spatial awareness.

Aeronaut’s graphics and artwork have been lauded as “delightful” and “enchanting”, and were the foundation behind its being featured in 30+ countries by Apple. Aeronaut received honorable mention in the Webby Awards for best app design, competing alongside notables such as Google Creative Labs, the NFL, and Vogue. Aeronaut was an experiment in game development which helped inform Axiom Zen’s strategy towards mobile game design, app roll-out, and high production value for consumer experiences.

Sugar Skulls

Product Manager

Sugar Skulls is a super sweet pattern matching puzzle game with a twist.

Featured as Best New Game by Apple in dozens of countries, Sugar Skulls was Axiom Zen’s first mobile game. Sugar Skulls is a brain-busting puzzle game that blends the effortless consumability of Candy Crush with the puzzle compulsion of Threes. Players match different elements within sugar skulls tiles while racing against time to smash their goals. We treated the launch of this game as an agile experiment, building iterations after the 1.0 release. Player feedback and analytics offered key insights around player behaviour and addiction for subsequent release, but we also extrapolated those experiments for use in future projects.

Analytics Dashboard

Design & Development

The Analytics Dashboard was created as an internal tool to easily visualize the most important project metrics by team.

Our teams use Mixpanel to track events and people data. The most important KPIs were chosen to be displayed on a clean dashboard for the product and marketing teams. Using Mixpanel's custom API, calculations and comparisons were performed on the data before they were custom graphed. This allowed the teams to move quickly and be on top of leading indicators as opposed to catching up with lagging indicators.


Product Manager

Legends brings the legends of sports history to life.

Sport is one of the original and purest forms of entertainment, and yet the digital experience for most sports leaves much to be desired. Legends changes this by giving users the context they need behind what is happening right now, while also providing timeless content personalized to their interests. Legends is launching for Fencing in September and was crafted with the input of the fencing community - from its athletes and fans to the federations. Understanding and integrating our users was core to the development of Legends. The product will enter beta in September and aims to launch in the first half of 2018.


Analytics & Development

ZenHub is a flexible solution for project management on top of GitHub unifying project management and development.

ZenHub began as an internal tool, solving Axiom Zen’s need for a project management solution that allowed developers to stay focused in a familiar environment: GitHub. Since its paid plan launch in late 2015, ZenHub is profitable, and is the leading GitHub-based project management solution, loved by Fortune 500 companies and fast-moving startups alike. Recently, ZenHub launched a focused experience for project managers, expanding its mission in keeping teams aligned and organized. ZenHub is used by some of the world’s leading companies, including NASA, Microsoft, Adobe, Sony, and 1200+ others.

Implementation of Mixpanel along with smart scripts to understand users helped ZenHub drive decisions through a combination of data and user feedback.



Timeline enriches our understanding of the present by telling stories of the past.

Timeline weaves together current events with rich historical timelines to provide you with the most relevant and important news events in history. Axiom Zen created the Timeline Context Engine, an AI-driven technology which can discover more than 100 million entities like people, places, organizations, and events, and the way these entities are related—making up 400 million relationships. Our team built both and the accompanying iOS app, and exercised our internal hiring processes to build Timeline’s editorial launch team. Timeline received the Editor's Choice award from Apple in 10 countries, was named Best New App in over 88 countries, and was featured as #14 out of 25 Best Apps of the Year by the Apple Editorial Team.

DGS Company Website

Web Design & Development

DGS is a shipping, training, and consulting company that specializes in Dangerous Goods and WHMIS

The site was designed through an iterative process with the client and developed from scratch. In addition to site design and development, the full suite of analytics, SEO and user testing was implemented.

Savoury Oatmeal


Savoury Oatmeal is a food blog and restaurant review site.

This client's blog is powered by Wordpress - we set up the blog and customized the theme. Analytics and SEO optimization was performed.

GGB Non-Profit Website

Web Design & Development

GGB is a non-profit that supports community charities through holding gaming event fundraisers.

The site was designed through an iterative process with the client and developed from scratch. In addition to site design and development, the full suite of analytics, SEO and user testing was implemented.