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I am a web developer turned product lead from Vancouver, BC.

The journey

Aidha is a tinkerer, life-long learner and slightly mad scientist.

With more than eight years of technical and research experience in organic chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, Aidha found that the intersection of technology and lab sciences was lacking.

Aidha has always enjoyed tinkering with computers and playing video games since she was a child, but it was after she completed Codeacademy's Year of Code courses, learning Javascript and Python, when she was truly hooked.

She joined the Axiom Zen team as a developer after she was selected from a pool of candidates who attended the HTML500, Canada's largest free learn-to-code event co-organized by Axiom Zen. She took on becoming the go-to expert for analytics and analytics engineering after discovering that it married her two interests: code and data. After a year of diving deep into the analytics world, she found her way into product - where she could use those learnings to iterate on product decisions and use her product skills to direct analytics decisions.

Prior to entering the tech world, Aidha was a Post Doctorate Fellow with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)'s Industrial R&D Fellowship (IRDF) program. She recently completed her doctoral degree in chemistry at the University of British Columbia, researching enzymes that cleave blood antigens to make universal O-type blood.

Website design and development

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